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Being a collector of specialty items (especially law enforcement items such as police badges and police patches) can be a challenge to find. EBAY used to be a great place to get some of what we were looking for but their rules have changed so much, it's a wonder anything gets traded there! But, it is not impossible to find what you're looking for if you are willing to put in the time and effort. We, here at Sandy's Badges & Patches, have been blessed with great friends and a fantastic network of collectors that love their collections almost as much as they love their families!!


With that in mind, please note that we are trying very hard to be the "Go To" website when you are in need of a special law enforcement badge or patch for your display and/or collection, make sure you check with us first.


If we don't have it, chances are we know where to get it!




Here is a quote from a happy customer-collector that purchased the California State Police Set and other items from me:


"I have had a great time haggling over deals with Sandy. Outside of being a great source for some badges I was looking for she is also a great source for information on related issues. It’s good to have a contact in my home state and someone who is a pleasure to do business with.


F.W. New York, NY"

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Sandy Yahn




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Check in frequently in to see new items. We are trying to update the site to let you know what's new and what's on SALE.


Don't miss out as our inventory changes daily.

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